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“When Luci Tapahonso was asked to be the Navajo Nation’s first Poet Laureate, she immediately thought of one goal.  “I really want to let students know that their daily life is really a poetic life,” she said during an interview with the Navajo Times. The Navajo Nation officially named Tapahonso as its first Poet Laureate during an induction ceremony held May 16 at Navajo Technical College. As the nation’s Poet Laureate, Tapahonso, who was born in Shiprock, N.M. in 1953, will promote literature and poetry, as well as the Navajo language and culture, according to Irvin Morris, chair of Navajo Technical College’s school of arts and humanities.”

To read the article, please visit: Tribe’s first Poet Laureate: your daily life is a poetic life

“In Navajo, they say the sacred begins at the tip of my tongue. So there’s very much sacredness or a holiness that’s associated with creativity. Whatever a person creates and brings into this world is sacred. And it adds to the beauty of the world. We all benefit when people create something new.”–Luci Tapahonso

Inspired by her heritage and imbued with female spirit, renowned Navajo poet Luci Tapahonso shares with us her inspirations and poetry. In a special segment, Luci reads a new poem, Hanezbaá Wolyá, which is about her granddaughter.

Original Airdate: Thursday, October 18th at 7pm on New Mexico PBS 5.1

Her interview starts at 14:40 in the video.

Feature Story. “Everyday Sacredness” by Carolyn Gonzales. Mirage Magazine. Fall 2012. P 16-20.

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